Thursday 19 June 2014

50,000 And Counting

SB&TP has just passed the 50,000 views milestone, and if anyone had told me when I started this from scratch just 240 days ago that it would take off the way it has I might have felt too intimidated to carry on!

Without making this an Oscar acceptance type speech I must thank a few people - Cameron from Yarmouth Bus Page and Sam from Norwich Buses for being my inspiration for starting this, Roy from East Norfolk Bus Blog for not only giving me advice but becoming a good friend, and to everyone who has contributed pics, news, comments and those I have met in person.

I can be outspoken at times - I say how I see it, and I hope I'm just as quick to praise as I am to criticse. I realise it is unusual for an enthusiast to be as critical as I can be at times, but it is also unusual for an enthusiast to cover as many miles on the very vehicles they are enthusing about as I do too. I want to give a different angle to the norm - one as a passenger, rather than just a photographer. My thanks to the operating companies for not banning me because of my views, and to Barry Spurling in particular at Ipswich for always readily giving me his time. I look forward to an exciting future in our region, and hopefully I'll be able to spread my wings a bit and cover some of Essex too if my transport probs can be sorted. Long live the Olympians, I look forward to non rattly E200/400's and here's to the next 50,000!


  1. Good, well done. Make into into Essex and you can participate in their latest treat, the web "ride quality and comfort" survey - well you you don't actually need to come to do so do you? They need the help, they really do. They call it "First Rate", they don't tell us what though; they're avinalarf again. Still at least they are trying, very.

  2. Preparing report on 65668 as I type rofl!

  3. Keep it up! It's absolutely crucial to have independent voices who can be 'critical friends'. It makes your blog all the more readable...

  4. Thank you, Paul. That's very kind of you.