Friday 20 June 2014

Ipswich Update

This is basically just an excuse to post the pic I took this morning in Saxmundham, but there is a lot of fleet activity at Ipswich right now, which is going to be the case for the next 3 months or so. Vehicles currently away for refurbishment and repaint are B7tl 32479, which will come back in Eastern National Post Office red livery, Volvo B7rle's 69008/9, 66850/981 and ex Clacton E200 44519. On loan long term are Volvo Saloons 60618 and 62143 and for this week only 60622 and 66112. Volvo B7tl 30888 was meant to replace 32061 but I have not heard that confirmed yet.

Ipswich are hoping for two vehicles to return on Thursday next week, if not the following Tuesday, so anticipation is high to see what liveries they turn up in.

On loan Volvo B10ble 62143 R589 SBA on the 64 at Saxmundham today


  1. Hi Steve, JohnDBus here again. 30888 was seen and heard by myself this morning on the 1/1a Martham - Lowestoft route.

  2. Amazed I didn't hear it myself, John down here in Mid East Suffolk lol. Cheers for that, will try and find out when transfer taking place.