Sunday 1 June 2014

A Day Of Near Misses

No not Norwich City strikers but my day yesterday spent in the company of Harry from Norfolk Scene Blog. We met in Yarmouth with no fixed agenda but hopes were Olympians and the Short Set. No joys on Olympians in Yarmouth so we decided to go to Norwich. We were just passing Yarmouth Station on 37578 - whose ticket machine is rather cruelly declaring it's 34108 - when Harry spotted the Short Set in Yarmouth Station. A DMU had failed at Reedham and so it was out to play. So on arrival at Norwich an extremely brisk walk to the station to see what it was on next was called for as tweets and emails to various groups drew a blank. The answer - nothing!! That was it for the short set for the day but my word we got a great photo opportunity and saw it leave the station to reverse back into the sidings. I took the oppportunity to take a video.

Also of interest yesterda\y was the appearance of a 4-car 321 EMU which are not usually stored at Norwich. Another class 47 - 47 501 was also poking its nose out so some good pictures were assured. Here are a selection.

47 501 and 321425 in Norwich sidings
47 818, 321425 and 47 501 in Norwich sidings
East Midland Railways 158867 leaves Norwich bound for Liverpool
The cab of 47 818 with apologies for the reflection
So after not getting on the short set we headed back to the bus station aiming to get the X2 to Pakefield before sampling the 99, which Harry hadn't done yet. We were tempted with 33423 on the X1 but I said the only thing that would change our plans would be an Olympian on the X1. After a very long wait for the X2, which turned into a double load we left Norwich..........and immediately passed 34108 on the X1. Not amused!! So we got to Pakefield caught a noisy 30901 to Morrison's  and after a little shopping were vibrated and shaken around Kessingland on 44113. We had both buses virtually to ourselves, the most being 3 passengers including us. I parted from Harry at Lowestoft and I think I had the better deal going home - a nice comfy gas bus as opposed to Harry's President!

A great day despite the near misses, and my thanks go to Harry for his company in what can sometimes be a pretty lonely hobby. We must do it again sometime.

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