Monday 17 March 2014

They Think It's All Over - Erm Actually It Isn't!

I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan today at Caister Rd. Really good to meet you buddy, and if you continue to give me news like you did today you'll go straight to the top of my Christmas card list!

We are fast approaching Easter, where a lot of people think about resurrections. Well there are going to be at least 2 resurrections at Caister Rd. Ryan informs me that 34111 is being prepared to re-enter service in the near future and remarkably this will be followed by 34114.  Lowestoft loanee Dart 42921 has returned to Yarmouth.

PS will analyse poll tomorrow - 4 posts is enough for one day!

Soon to be resurrected 34111 before her false retirement
Another Lazarus Olympian 34114 when deckers were rare on the 6


  1. Nomination for my favorite route goes to Sanders 42. Chosen as it replaced my all time fave route the Eastons 25. The route is amazing and makes an excellent cycle route!

  2. Thanks Keiran - I really must check these routes out.