Sunday 30 March 2014

Pictorial Round Up

A new feature for SB&TP is a selection of pics I took during the past week that didn't make it to any of my posts.

We start with probably the best journey of the week, which was on Anglian's Trident 713 T813RFG between Halesworth and Norwich. A really decent ride and much nicer seats than the Scania deckers

Anglian 713 at Norwich Bus Station on Tuesday
Norfolk Green are a constant presence at Norwich with the X29. However I had never seen one of their ALX400 Tridents on the route, which considering they only have two of them is no real surprise. Here is 17605 LV52 HHP seen on Tuesday

Norfolk Green Trident  17605 at Norwich Bus Station on Tuesday
I had to travel to Mundsley on the North Norfolk coast on Tuesday and I caught Sanders service 5 from North Walsham. Here is Scania 318 YN06 NXR just before I boarded it in North Walsham

Sanders 318 Scania YN06 NXR in North Walsham
And finally for this week how often does this happen! On Wednesday afternoon at around 1330 this was the scene at Norwich Bus Station. Within 20 seconds of taking this rather eerie pic there were 6 buses on the stands!

Please disperse - nothing to see here! An empty Norwich Bus Station at 1.30pm

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