Tuesday 4 March 2014

Poll Update

So far there have been 5 votes for "other". Unfortunately I have no idea who the "other" operators are as no one has contacted me to tell me! I can't change the categories once a vote has been cast so please, if you have voted for "other" let me know who it is!! If you don't want to email you can comment anonymously under the post.

Here's a pic of Ipswich's ex Lowestoft ALX 400 32655 I took in Wickham Market today, quite unusually on the 1350 service 64 to Ipswich, which means she wasn't on a school run this afternoon.

First Ipswich 32655 AU05 MUY at Wickham Market


  1. steve.

    I put an other in,for Ipswich buses.


  2. Cheers Jim - vote logged. All other "others" please let me know who they are :)