Wednesday 12 March 2014

A Yawn In Yarmouth

As alluded to yesterday I had one of those days where I could have stayed in bed and not missed a thing. Apart from 3 hours in the company of Roy, that is, who literally saved the day. We tried everything to elicit some excitement, but not even a walk to Beach Coach station to take a pic of the usual Olympian and maybe ex Leicester ALX400 produced anything more than two Presidents not even worth taking a picture of. Below is the most exciting thing to happen in Yarmouth yesterday afternoon - 33423 using the stop on the public road at Market Gates to unload rather than the bus station itself.

33423 at the stop in Market Gates normally only used by the 2, 4 and National Express
However, before I arrived at Yarmouth I had varied my usual route and travelled via Norwich, purely because Anglian had provided one of their older Omnicity Scanias - in fact their oldest - in the 88 instead of the usual bum numbing 07 reg Scania. 462 gave a decent ride into Norwich, where I was lucky enough to get a decent photo opportunity involving two Solos. I don't normally bother with Solos, but this was a good one - recently repainted Konect Solo 952 passing it's still in Anglian colours sister 951.

Konect Solos 952 and 951 in Norwich
Anglian 462 YN03 WRJ unusually on the full length 88's
Tomorrow I'm exploring the Sanders network so expect some pics of some very big deckers!!

BTW I haven't forgotten the promised Olympian Specials. However I always said they would start when all the Olympians at Yarmouth had been withdrawn. Happily with 3 Olympians at Yarmouth still in service this has meant a delay in the articles. Thanks to all who sent me pics and they WILL be used in the special features as and when they begin.


  1. Hi Steve, shame about you're lack of excitement, maybe next time you'll have more luck! The bus pictured alongside 952 can't be 951, as that is away for repaint currently. I've studied the picture and I believe it's 953.

  2. Sam your eyes are much better than mine, so I will bow to your better vision. I just thought the last letter looked like a Y which would have made it 951. I'm a dunce for not making a note when i took the pic really! Good to hear from you, buddy :)