Monday 10 March 2014

First Edge It

After a neck and neck race all week First Eastern Counties have edged out Anglian in the first SB&TP poll as favourite operator. Well done to them with 15 votes to Anglian's 14. "Other" came thrid with 8 votes but I can only tell you who one of the votes was for - that being Ipswich Buses. Lord knows who the other 7 votes were for as the voters never told me who they voted for. Anyway thanks to everyone who voted and a new poll who be up soon.

First come first in the first poll!


  1. I would think they where for Ipswich Buses as they are not in the poll

  2. Yes quite possibly. I tried to change it to show IB once i realised my gaffe but you can't change options once votes have been cast. I did ask people to let me know who they voted for in the "other" section, but only one person did. My apologies to all IB supporters.