Thursday 20 March 2014

General Round Up

First of all Anglian and Konectbus have announced the changes to timetables coming into operation on April 20th. Nothing really major although interesting to note that Anglian's 7 is going to reduce its frequency to 30 mins between 1600 - 1800 from Norwich, just when it seems that their passenger numbers are rising. The 2A operated by Konect is being extended from Holt to Dereham, which would make a nice round trip from Norwich coming back on the 8. Anyway details of the Anglian changes can be found here and the Konectbus changes here.

It would appear from various reports that Routemasters are not to be used on the 3 this year to Hemsby. Trust me, having proclaimed that journey as my "journey of the year" last year I'm not taking that lying down and I'm going to lobby First management as much as I can to have that decision reversed. Apparently the decision was taken as the RM's are step entrance. There are ways around that if the route is shared with low floor buses - or the 15 in London wouldn't be able to have RM's still running on it. Watch this space.

Yesterday I completed the set by travelling on ex First Leicester ALX400 32061. Not much to say except there is really nothing between them and they are what they are for their age. Good to see all 4 ALX400's on the 8 together though.

ALX400 32061 X221 XBD at Market Gates. Sorry about the railings - the light was awful from the other side.

 I alighted at Gorleston Fire Station which I have been meaning to for weeks so I could finally get a couple of pics of 34156, now a crash test dummy, or something like that with Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service. There was no one on site to ask so I hope no one minds me publishing these pics. At least she is still serving a useful purpose.

ex Lowestoft Olympian 34156 P656 UFB at Gorleston Fire Stration

34156 still retaining her dignity in retirement

As I type I have only received 2 nominations for the favourite route poll I was intending to set up. That's rather disappointing as I was expecting a lot more, so come on folks, tell me your favourite route so it can be included in the poll.


  1. I'm appalled by the decision to abandon the routemasters, and so are the touristy people in Hemsby! I can't believe its because they're step entrance though as I've heard the Olympians will be doing it instead?

  2. Apparently not, Zak. Roy at ENBB was told the Olympians will be used on contract services which will release step free buses for the 3, so there isn't even a consolation prize. As I'm waiting for a response from First I'm not going to comment too much about this yet but as commercial decisions go this is the most baffling I've seen for a long time.

  3. Oh right! I misunderstood his post then. That is a big shame, I rode the routemaster once to Hemsby and back and the next time I was unfortunate enough to end up with a President. Nowhere near as enjoyable, uncomfortable and far less bouncy! Lost the novelty of a 'special service' I think.

  4. I agree. Last year I went out on an RM and gave it "journey of the year". I too came back on a President and I can't see any kids on holiday in Hemsby this year begging their parents to go for a ride on a President!