Friday 14 March 2014

Utter Chaos

It has not been a good day so far and it seems I have chosen the right day to stay in! The tragic helicopter crash in Gillingham last night has caused multiple road closures in the area, which has severely affected services. The X2, as I type is still not serving Gillingham and is diverted and experiencing severe delays - bet there are a few unusual vehicles on it today though! Anglian's 81 from Beccles to Yarmouth is suspended, and the 80 is only running from Diss to Broome. The Acle straight was closed earlier due to a RTC, and that meant the X1 and 7 were severely disrupted, with knock on effects to the 61. Add that to the report that the "short set" failed this morning and it has not been good.

Looking at the various twitter and web updates it appears First Lowestoft really excelled themselves this morning getting the X2 running so well done to them. Anglian are constantly updating their website news feed too. What with the chaos in Lowestoft on Wednesday with the bridge works I think a lot of transport managers will need their weekend off this week.

Obviously thoughts are with the families of those killed in the helicopter crash but I can't help thinking had 4 people been killed in a car crash the roads would have been open as soon as possible and not nearly the same amount of caution and investigation would have taken place. Maybe it's me being churlish but do fatalities involving light aircraft cause far more disruption than necessary? Just my not so humble opinion.


  1. Its ok if you know your way round the back lanes but they are now filled with people who dont and are following sat navs I have done about 20 extra miles today on my yarmouth job not to mention the 35 minutes extra to drop off in lowestoft somedays being indoors is looking even better and this from a guy who has driven since he could touch the pedals now off out have to go to yarmouth...cover me I'm going driving lol

  2. Sat navs should be banned for journeys under 20 miles unless you are a multidrop driver. If you can;t read a map then tough!! No wonder people are driving blind these days.

  3. Just too many cars, and too much thoughtlessness. A lot of motorists would think the police make any collision worse too, but I got told off once on the local rag forum for suggesting the police were only too aware that the next idiot was just around the corner! (Apparently their computer thought it libellous!!) Not sure too that those people who can't use a satnav sensibly would be able to read a map intelligently? But there's hope: have you noticed from their PR that FS&N now have a Director of Fun (well, actually they call it Creative Director). Now we can resurrect that old joke ...