Wednesday 26 March 2014

The Ark Returns

110 days ago the most damaging storm surge in living memory caused havoc along our coastline and rivers. Caught up in the floods in Lowestoft was single car unit 153314. Having discovered that she was a train and not a wading bird, dolphin or indeed ark and no use whatsoever as a sandbag it took some pretty serious repairs to get her back on track - literally. Yesterday she made her comeback and today I managed to get a pic of her, still in "One" livery at Norwich Station just about to leave on the 1136 to Great Yarmouth.

153314 back from swamp duty at Norwich today
 I also manged to somehow get a snap of what will be the new "short set" coaches in their siding at Norwich. Still no indication when they will be in service - the short set wasn't even out today! The pic was taken almost blind as that fence is very high and it was a miracle I got them at all!
The coaches for the short set eventually


  1. You must've missed the Class 321 on Norwich-London's at around 1415

  2. Yup at 1415 I was on 20515 heading for Yarmouth myself!

  3. I assume the mk2's will have wheelchair ramp ? As would like to do the lowestoft Norwich run on the short set in May which is when the timetable changes I believe

  4. If they don't the conductors will. Even on our slam doors some had wheelchair ramps or if forewarned would take one with us if it involved unstaffed stations. I would guess by now it would be law for all trains to carry ramps.