Saturday 15 March 2014

My Pop To Tesco

Nipped to Tesco this morning. That now takes 3 hours. Caught the Transit tin can at 0953 to Saxmundham, but no bus back till 1232 so went to Wickham Market for an hour to see a friend and raid the best butchers in East Anglia. 65675 one way, 65630 the other. Enough said. Got home at 1252. Then they wonder why people use their cars. Roll on Monday - might get on an Olympian and wash the grumpiness away!!



    1. You probably feel safe up in Edinburgh!!!

  2. Will the tin can disappear when border take over ? Or is that still the only link for you. Still having the discussion about low floor 16 seaters and if and when they have to come into community transport

  3. Sadly the 196 is still an "open your own door" service, Although I told a few of the Sax old dears about a low floor vehicle on the 521 in a couple of weeks and they were quite excited! Saw Nightingales running very early today, but I don't think they care that much now eh!