Monday 24 March 2014

Monday's Jottings

Not much to report today really. Incidents of note include a relatively decent journey on a B7 President. No I'm not losing it but 32214 gave quite a nice ride from Lowestoft to Yarmouth. Once there I noted an irregular working on the 81's. Optare Excel 229 is normally on the 81's so that didn't make it irregular but it's the first time I've seen an Excel on the 1410 departure. A bit pedantic maybe but I said there wasn't much of note today!

Anglian 229 in the shade at Market Gates unusually on the 1410 departure to Beccles and Diss
Having checked out what was on the BM contract (37574 and 32205) I then decided to go to Acle and back as 33423 was waiting on the stand. Really nice driver who I'm sure Cameron will be able to identify, who waited at Acle for me to take the pic before a nice thumbs up! I cannot tell you how good those tinted windows were today! If you look in the top middle of  the windscreen you will see the most enormous chip I've ever seen - looks like it's been shot! Surely a replacement screen soon. The idea was to catch the next X1 back hoping to get a shot of the short set on the Acle straight but it never showed up which blew that one. The 7 after was too late to catch it either. Oh well.

33423 from a new angle at Market Gates
In the sun at Acle. Still the most photogenic bus in the region I think. Seriously needs to go to Showbus.
Finally when I got back I saw a genuine irregular working with Dart 42919 on the 8 to JPH - Cameron will like that one too! I'm off to North Norfolk tomorrow to pick something up so will be sampling the 55 and the 5 for the first time.

42919 on the 8 this afternoon at around 1540


  1. That'll be because I saw a B9 had broken down this morning near Staples in Gt Yarmouth

  2. Yes i do like it! My favourite Dart!

    1. Also the driver on 33423 i can identify, His name is Daniel Hooker, really nice chap!