Thursday 6 March 2014

Interesting Future

There have been a number of articles in local media this week about the future of bus services in the region. East Suffolk Travellers Association have submitted a plan to First and Anglian with proposlas to make Saxmundham a hub for connecting services, to link up with the East Suffolk Line. They want the link between Saxmundham and Framlingham restored - which would please me no end and better links between the coastal towns such as Aldeburgh and Southwold. Saxmundham has been chosen as trains go in both directions within 3 mins of each other, so buses would connect easily with both trains. The full report can be read here.

Clive Nixon of Ipswich Bus Blog also alerted me yesterday to an article in the Evening Star where First are proudly proclaiming a big investment in Suffolk and Norfolk, maybe involving hybrid vehicles. This all remains to be seen - as long as no more new vehicles with E in front of the number are bought that will do me! Anyway it's a very interesting article and can be viewed in full here.

Many thanks to Clive for bringing this to my attention, and contrary to what the link might indicate Clive regularly updates Ipswich Bus Blog so well worth a look.


  1. Steve, I noticed what appeared to be a brand new (perish the thought!) E200 in all-white parked within Constantine Road depot this afternoon. I reckon the end is nigh for the T-reg Darts with Ipswich Buses.

  2. That will probably be the one they have bought to operate the 111 to Bildeston (I think) that IB have taken over from whoever was operating it (Galloway?). Someone told me a new E200 had been acquired for it. To be honest I'm not sure if Darts or E200's are the worst as I dislike them both intensely :))