Wednesday 5 March 2014

Irregular Workings Everywhere

It has been an odd day as they say. Solos and deckers on the 7/61, an Olympian on the 8 as well as two Volvo saloons, the Scania gas heap on the 88's and a 3 car 170 on the 1057 from Lowestoft usually operated by the "short set".

We'll start on the railways. I stopped off at Lowestoft to see if the "short set" was on its regular run, and it wasn't. But in its place trundled in 170207, giving me the opportunity to take a pic of 2 different 170's in Lowestoft at the same time. The Conductor confirmed what I thought that a 3 car unit was unusual on the Norwich - Lowestoft run as one coach has to be deactivated at Haddiscoe due to the short platform.

170207 and 170273 at Lowestoft, but not on the routes you'd expect - 207 going to Norwich and 273 to Ipswich
170207 and 170273 sit side by side in the Lowestoft sun
So onto the buses, and after a pleasant ride into Yarmouth on 37577 - with very very few rattles which shows the Yarmouth team have been working on her - well done guys - there were some irregular workings spotted during my hour at Market Gates. Firstly a solo on the 7 to Norwich. It was running late so obviously a replacement for a failure, but I don't know what failed.

Anglian 902 Solo YN04 LWP leaves Yarmouth for Norwich
Then Scania Omnidekka 551 turned up going to other way to Southwold. Apparently major traffic problems in Bungay had caused a serious case of musical buses to take place in Norwich and the Scania gas heap had been transferred onto the 88's.

Anglian 551 Scania Omnidekka AO57 EZL on the 61 to Southwold
Then 34186 came in on the 8 to JPH. Very rare to see an Olympian out in service these days, but still a thrill when one shows its face.

34176 on the 8 to JPH
And finally while working my way back to Halesworth via Bungay I endured another boneshaking trip on Scania gas heap 999 which did have a moment of light relief as the destination screen is still giving problems. I have no idea what the driver wanted to put up but he drove off showing 53 to Wroxham! Unfortunately I was too slow to get a front view but did get a shot of it rattling merrily away.

Scania gas heap YT13 YUK in Saxons Way, Halesworth clearly showing 53 on the back!


  1. There was a decker on the 81 tonight couldnt say which one it passed in a flash. Haddiscoe always had long platforms I didn't realise they had put a different one in till I went to Norwich on the train I can remember long consists and steam as a kid when I used to get taken there to watch after school.

  2. Steam after school? Cue the Hovis music :))

  3. Eee bai gum lad that were a reet good lot of clag from t'engine lol :-)