Monday 17 March 2014

ALX 400 Medley

All four of Yarmouth's ALX 400's were out today. 30888 and 32062/3 were on the 1/1A, and by a method of elimination I passed 32061 doing contract work later this afternoon but since I was downstairs and being royally deafened on an X1 E400 (dear God the NOISE) there was no photo opportunity. But I did ride on and photograph the other 3. No real distinction between them but the seats on 30888 are a joke!

By the way I'm not going to identify the E400 I was on or when, as I asked the driver how they coped with the unbelievable rattles and noise in the cab area - seriously I have never heard anything like it, and he just looked to the heavens and said "we go on autopilot, mate, and block it all out". What a sad testament for a vehicle 5 months old costing £360,000.

32062 looking rather good in the gloom of Market Gates

30888 at Caister Rd
32063 lapping up the Gorleston sun


  1. i,m told the E400 rattles are typical of a Plaxton Scarborough build,is this true,I know the E200's were notorious for cab area noises at one stage,does this still happen,even the old vario's did it.

  2. Alexander always built non rattly bodies. Plaxton nearly always have. It was not a good marriage. I'm not joking, Jim, the noise was incredible and I've driven Lynxes!! I am seriously thinking of getting the Commercial Director of First to ride with me on one of them and get his opinion on if he thinks it was £360,000 well spent. I've decided that E does not stand for Enviro but Economy - that's what they're built with not charged for!!

  3. You guys are right 2 things I was never comfortable with Sherpa/LDV.. went deafer than I did at AC/DC at vauhall holiday park and vario's had a vario slidebed to drive for a week..result no fillings left so can only imagine how the bus felt yet my mate reckoned his vario bus was as smooth as his old LAG ??? strange hmmm