Monday 10 March 2014

Pieces Of 8's

Or as I'll explain later it should be MISSING pieces of 8's! I was in Lowestoft and Yarmouth today ALX 400 hunting. I had hoped I'd find one on the 1 or 1A to get from Lowestoft to Yarmouth but when 66126 rattled in my reaction was not for our younger readers so I sought refuge on a gas bus instead. I thought the Leicester ALX 400's were supposed to be replacing the Volvo single deckers! On arrival at Yarmouth, however, I quickly discovered that both 32062 and 32063 were both on the 8's so I decided to do a feature on the 8 today. So I caught 37573 which was also on the 8 back to Gorleston. (Note to Caister Rd staff - some rubber seals in the poles upstairs would reduce noise considerably!)

37573 on the 8 at Gorleston High St
After waiting some time 32063 came around the corner going back to Yarmouth. I took a pic and boarded it. Now for the review. It is basically a vehicle deemed past it at Leicester so my expectations weren't unduly high. It could have been worse. It seems to go pretty well, the seats are better than the Presidents in that they have a minimum of padding as opposed to no padding, and the rattling is what you would expect of a 15yo vehicle, except of course 34109 is the same age and doesn't rattle at all.

32063 at Gorleston High St
I worked out that if I went straight back to Gorleston I could do the repeat journey on 32062, so as I just missed 37578 which was also on the 8's today I was forced to catch 33811 instead which I really wasn't happy about but needs must. So I got to Gorleston and waited. And waited. And waited some more. Half hour later a President came round the corner. Seems 32062 had gone awol presumed failed somewhere, so I didn't get either my pic or ride of her today. So I caught the President (no idea which one) back to Yarmouth noting that it was even rattlier than 33811, before getting on my third gas bus of the day - caught four in total today - 100, 103, 109 and 111.

I'm out again tomorrow and hopefully will have a bit better luck. If anyone knows what happened to 32062 this afternoon then let me know as it was blooming cold in Gorleston!

B7 President 32206 on the 8 today at Gorleston

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