Wednesday 30 April 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

Sometimes it's just one of those days. Sometimes good, and sometimes bad. Today was outstanding. It didn't start off that way though with a girl on the 62 this morning deciding to sing along complete with actions to the Ketchup Song. I have a feeling alien substances were at work. Anyway I decided to get off at Lowestoft for reasons I didn't know myself. Before I got off, however, I saw B9 Gemini 37569 being towed, front wheels in the air by Asda. no idea where to. I hadn't been at Lowestoft 10 mins when I saw the shape of a bus I wasn't expecting to see there at all. Yarmouth Olympian 34114 was on Lowestoft Town service 101. A journey and photo opportunity not to be missed, and I wasn't disappointed. Lovely ride, lovely bus, and friendly driver who seemed more than happy to be driving it!

Yarmouth Olympian 34114 W434 CWX at Gunton on Lowestoft 101 servce
When we got back to the Bus Station I saw that the Kate Moss of the bus world, E400 33423 was parked up in the bus station. Unfortunately not going anywhere as the supervisor informed me for the next hour or so, so I took the opportunity to go to Kessingland Beach on Anglian's Scania Omnidekka 553 and hopefully get a good pic of it at the terminus. I hope you agree I achieved that.

Scania 553 AO57 HCC at Kessingland Beach
It could be a postcard!!!

So on return to Lowestoft 33423 was still there, and joy of joys about to load up for Norwich - talk about timing. So I got on it, settled into those excellent if unusually coloured seats and went to Norwich, nipping off at Beccles to get a pic that it maybe sometime before I get the opportunity again

Yarmouth (sometimes) E400 33423 SN60 CAA at Beccles on the X2 to Norwich
Now I have a plea to First. This is not a criticism, or even an opinion but a plea. 33423 is arguably the most eye catching bus in the East of England. It has arguably the best interior of any bus in the East of England. Those tinted windows are amazing on sunny days like today. There is no other bus I have ever known that has me reaching for my camera everytime I see it like this bus does. Yet now it is rattling more than the Olympian I went on earlier. It deserves more than that. It deserves to have everything perfect about it. You - First - deserve a bus you could take Royalty on and you have one here if you just get those rattles sorted. Plastic seals replaced with rubber seals. Fittings tightened and suspension looked at. It could be so utterly perfect. From someone who has no axe to grind, but just yearns that little extra give it some thought. I like that bus so much I want my spirits to soar if next time I ride her when we go over a bump I hear nothing apart from the expected sounds from the suspension. Then you will have a bus to be proud of - really, seriously proud.

The potential for perfection. 33423 heads off back to Lowestoft.


  1. The jealousy of you getting a ride on the olympian! Didn't even know it was in lowestoft.. Im forever stuck with B7s and Geminis :( Miss the Olympians on the X1 shorts..

  2. It was a massive surprise for me too! What interests me now is what Lowestoft are planning to use on the 99 to Kessingland. I have heard no reports of any new vehicles coming in and they are obviously short if they need loanees from Yarmouth. At the same time more Olympians are being prepped at Yarmouth. Obviously they won't be used on the 99 but I have a feeling that get a job at Bernard Matthews and you could get regular rides on Olympians.

    1. It'd be nice.. :) hopefully I can get some rides at some point