Wednesday 25 March 2015

Anglian Scania 1504/556 ride and review

First of all I have to thank Suffolk Links, without whose help this post wouldn't have been possible. They managed to alter my planned journey to Ipswich at extremely short notice so I could get to Halesworth instead to photograph and ride the newly arrived Scania Omnidekka YN55 PZF, which I'm going to refer to as 556, it's Anglian fleet number from now on. Many thanks guys.

So having arrived at Halesworth I discovered where 556 was and rendezvoused with it at Bungay.

Anglian 556 at Halesworth, Durban Close
Above all else it must be remembered that 556 is a 10yo vehicle. Omnidekkas this age rattle badly and 556 is no exception. However I have been on far worse Metrobus examples when on my hospital visits to East Grinstead. So now we have the rattling out of the way what about everything else.

A rear view at Southwold. I really like the reverse colour logo.
I'm pleased to say that everything else gets a huge thumbs up from me. I travelled from Bungay to Southwold and back to Norwich on it - over 3 hours and my bottom was perfectly happy, unlike the newer Omni City deckers, where I start feeling it after ten mins. I like the interior design, and the silver poles compliment the blue and yellow seating well. Credit should go to Hants & Dorset trim, who have done a really good job with the refurbishment.

The lower deck interior of 556
A couple of oddities in that the legal lettering is behind the rear wheel arch as opposed to the usual front wheel arch.

The legal lettering towards the rear
Also the Go-ahead fleet number 1504 is displayed front, rear and inside whereas the Anglian fleet number 556, which I'm told the drivers are to refer to it as, is only to be found above the nearside headlight.
Identity crisis! However Anglian are using 556
On the whole the ride is good, if you're not trying to type a post on it that is, as typing isn't easy. However the top speed is good, it's quiet apart from the rattles, and is by far the best double decker Anglian have got until the others arrive.
556 sits at Wenhaston
I decided not to take pictures in Norwich, as everyone will be doing that, but took pictures in Halesworth. Southwold, Wenhaston and Bungay.

Bungay is always a good place for a pic
Thanks should go to my driver, who typified Anglian by being friendly and accommodating. They really are a decent lot on there.

Sitting at Bungay
As soon as I hear details of the others, indeed there are even unconfirmed whispers of a possible 4th arrival you will of course read it here first.

The upper deck of Anglian 556

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