Wednesday 25 March 2015

Anglian's Schitzophrenic Omnidekkas!

My cup is truly overflowing this week with people sending me pictures of the latest goings on. Monday was BorderBus, yesterday Ipswich Buses sent me pics of returned Dart 93 in her new paint job (click here if you missed it) and I got home from a pretty traumatic dress rehearsal last night to find pics of Anglian's new Scania Omnidekka waiting in my inbox. I had already posted the pic Anglian put up on Twitter yesterday so on its own that wouldn't normally have made a special post, but the information that came with it brought a massive smile to my stressed face.

I had been surprised that YN55 PZF had been given fleet number 1504 as it had no relevance with the Anglian fleet whatsoever. It would appear that Anglian also thought that as I can reveal that 1504 is also carrying the Anglian fleet number 556. I am told that YN55 PZC will be 554 and PZR 555. My thanks go to my contact at Anglian and I look forward to reporting the arrival of the other two in due course. I am hoping to ride 556 today and will post a review if I'm successful.

Anglian 1504 now also displaying 556 above nearside headlight
A rear view shows that 556 does not appear to be displayed at the rear.


  1. Hi Steve

    YN55PZC will hopefully be 554 and YN55PZR will hopefully be 555

    1. Many thanks - have adjusted post to reflect that.