Thursday 12 March 2015

New Bus For BorderBus and 32061 on road

Today I paid a visit to my chief contributors at BorderBus. They have got me a lot of page views recently and I went today specifically to get info on their new E200 purchased for the new 146 timetable which starts at the end of the month. Andrew Pursey did tell me who previously owned the 12 reg vehicle but I seriously can't remember! After a good natter I finally got to meet the brains behind the operation in Nicky Pursey who is one of those people you meet for the first time and think you've known all your life!

Nicky had been down in Beccles taking pics of the new Bus and immediately emailed them to me. Here it is at Beccles.

WX12 DYU at Beccles today.   pic (c) Nicky Pursey
 I was meeting Roy from East Norfolk Bus Blog this afternoon, and worked out, after Nicky had dropped me off in a vehicle much nicer than an E200, that I had just enough time to get the 146 coastbound and double back on the new one. I also thought it would be good if I got a pic in Mutford  which due to extremely low patronage is one of the locations losing the service when the route changes. The star behind the wheel that is Malcolm posed long enough for this rather good shot.

Taken in Mutford, soon to be replaced by Carlton Colville
 The interior is deceptive. The seats look rock hard but are, in fact, very comfortable. Dave Marshall will have some work getting rid of a few rattles but all in all I couldn't find anything to really whinge about.

The interior of the newest addition to the BorderBus fleet
Back at Beccles I got another couple of pics, including some from the rear - can't wait for her to be painted into BorderBus livery.

Back in the Beccles sun
 Also at Beccles was Borderbus's maintainance van as a ferry bus and even that is in pristine condition!

Nice eh!
It was then over to Yarmouth and a meet with Roy, but not before we had checked out the gleaming new paintwork of recently returned 32061. It was out on the 8's today and not even the sun could get in the way.

30261 shows off her new paint job and destination display
 After a couple of hours chewing the cud with Roy, which is always a pleasure, I went a couple of stops on 32061 to check out the interior. No changes were that obvious so I'll have to go on one of the others to compare again. Some seats appear to have been recovered but others not.

Some seats definitely better than others
The ride quality was decent enough but that always was one of the better ones. Anyway a much better day than yesterday, which was sorely needed.

30261 facing into the Yarmouth sun

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