Monday 2 March 2015

Ipswich Obs And Beestons Surprise

I admit that finding material for posts that doesn't involve raiding Flickr or the past, or both has been a bit of a challenge recently, so I ventured to Ipswich today to meet up with Bryan hoping that something might crop up. On arrival I was quite pleased to see Carter's Olympian 915 sitting next door to one of Beeston's newly repainted Scania Omnidekkas.

Carter's 915 next to Beestons Omnicity and Ipswich Buses E200 78

Then the Lazarus of the First Ipswich fleet, 65579 was usefully on Town Services, so despite a lack of passengers wanting it opposite Old Cattle Market, I finally got a pic third time round!

Scania Floline 65579 soldiering on doing the 60 to Gainsborough

Ipswich Buses had a couple of unusual workings today. East Lance Lowline Trident 10 used to be a regular on the 202, but today she was on the extremely challenging 98.

Ipswich Buses 10 on the 202

There was also unusually a Trident on the 1's to Ravenswood in the shape of ALX400 bodied 17.

Ipswich Buses Trident 17 on the 1 to Ravenswood

We had just decided that was going to be it when Bryan suddenly spluttered on his triple vodka and pointed in a rather animated way (think Fozzy Bear from the Muppets) as coming towards us was a Beestons Scania Omnicity positively gleaming in a new paint job. Now some of you might remember AnglianBus 427. Here is one of Bryan's pics of her.

Scania Omnicity YN03 UWJ when fleet number 427 on AnglianBus
And here she is now, seen today in Ipswich. God she looks good.

Gleaming in the Ipswich Sun now in Beestons livery on the 91
Just as impressive is the rear view. Unfortunately my camera thought the rear shot from the other side far to good to save so rather petulantly didn't. But even from the shady side you can see just how good she looks. Thanks, Ipswich for coming up trumps today!

Rear view and I just love the silver highlights.

This post was written and published from my phone in the pub so apologies if it looks a bit different - the pics are fine on my phone!

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