Saturday 21 March 2015

Ipswich Loco Fest

Yesterday, while en route to Bury to sample the rather disappointing new EnviroE400 MMC (click here if you missed it) I had half hour at Ipswich between trains, and what a productive half hour it was. I finally after Lord knows how long got my first decent pics of a Class 70, with a double Class 37 test train for good measure.

As my 170 pulled into Ipswich I saw 70 018 sitting in the middle line waiting to do a crossover movement. Got the camera out just in time.

70 018 on Ipswich middle line
As I crossed the footbridge I noticed sister loco 70 019 doing shunting movements in the sidings, and taking the pic from the footbridge gives a different view of these rather different looking locos

An overhead view of 70 019
Another overhead shot that begged to be taken was of the magnificent 37 609 heading the Network Rail test train, which was stabling at Ipswich for the day. Don't worry it's not grafitti but a clock reflection!

37 609 with the test train next to Freightliner's 66 534
Of course a closer shot is required of this truly dominating and intimidating loco. I think the 37's have a presence no other loco can get anywhere near and I would give my right arm for a cab ride!

Yup. It s isn't it!
Of course we mustn't forget that at the other end is another one.

37 607 at the London end
As if that wasn't enough the AGA Class 90's were breezing up and down the mainline between London and Norwich. Here is 90 011 which was heading the 1038 to London.

90 011 arrives at Ipswich with the 1038 to London
I'll leave you with my favourite pic of the day - past, present and future all together in one place.

37 609, 66 534, 66 541 and 70 019 in their own time capsule


  1. Fantastic post, love this. On the rare occasions I get to Ipswich I frequently spend time watching the freight trains as well as passenger trains go through. More of the same please when you're ready to do so of course. :)

    1. Thanks. John. The train posts seem to be attracting the views now so I'm going to try to get at least one or two a week. Fares are still the main obstacle to more frequent and varied posts - something I'll have to work on!

  2. Andrew Kleissner23 March 2015 at 09:13

    Just to say that, if you think the Class 37s have presence, you should have seen their big brothers, the Class 40s (and the "Peaks", which I grew up with back in the 60s).

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Oh mate I wish I had, but I'm a Southern Region boy and I grew up with EMU's, 33's and 73's, so not as spectacular a grounding as others!