Sunday 11 May 2014

69005 Emerges

The long awaited return to Ipswich of Volvo B7 69005 is imminent. She was on display in Rotherham today, and thanks to Chris Nelson's generosity in sharing his photos I can bring you the first pic of the new interior, complete with leather seating. The seats look the same, so it would apppear that it is re-upholstering not brand new seats, which makes sense really as the originals were comfortable. Hopefully I will get to Ipswich later this week and get some good interior shots - it would appear the public were not allowed on board today. You can see Chris Nelson's Flickr page here.

First Ipswich 69005 AU05 DME at Rotherham Depot Open Day. Pic by Chris Nelson
The interior of 69005 complete with new leather seats. Pic by Chris Nelson


  1. To be fair Sam was first!! I've got the first interior shot though ;) Anyway you got all the Olympians Friday. I'm out tomorrow and bet they are all tucked in the depot not going anywhere!