Wednesday 28 May 2014

Wednesday Report

While East Anglia was drying out from yesterday's rain that has prompted fleet managers in the area to contemplate investing in outboard motors for their vehicles I returned, this time with my bus pass, to Pakefield for Day 2 of the 99's. To be honest as I had arranged to meet other bloggers in Yarmouth I wasn't there as long as yesterday but saw all I needed to know. On the route this morning was 45113 from yesterday, and a surprise in ALX 400 30901. I took the opportunity to take a trip on the route on 30901 and had the top deck to myself all the way back to Lowestoft. I have no idea what the third vehicle was today as I didn't see it, which since they are meant to pass by Pakefield School was quite a surprise too.

First Lowestoft 30901 Volvo B7 W756 DWX at Kessingland
Now for some observations. It would appear that First's main rivals in Kessingland are not Anglian but the residents themselves. Even yesterday residents were telling me of their intention to stay loyal to Anglian,and this was reinforced today. They are going to take some persuading. Secondly I have yet to see a timetable at any stop on the 99 route - even at Lowestoft Bus Station Stop 7, where the 99 leaves from there is nothing advertising the fact that the service even exists. I think the next few weeks could be quite interesting.

So after an excellent journey on 37578 to Yarmouth - those Geminis are really suited to the 1/1A - I met up with Roy from East Norfolk Bus Blog and Cameron from Yarmouth Bus Page and we decided a wander in the drizzle to the coach park was in order. Prior to that I had seen recently arrived ALX 400 30258 out in service for the first time.

Ex First Leicester 32058 Volvo B7 ALX400 W218 XBD

 Not much to see at the coach park, mainly because my glasses were full of drizzle, and not even too much to see at Caister Road depot, but I had a cunning plan in mind,and after some shopping caught Olympian 34114 back to Lowestoft - those Olympians are really suited to the 1/1A!!! The second of two really good journeys on First today. My day was then made complete by a rarity on the 61/62 - Scania Omnicity 460 YN05 HFF which I prefer to the Omnilnks. Off to Ipswich tomorrow to see what is on the County Show shuttles.

Finally a little puzzle for you all. I took this pic of the roof of Anglian 462, Scania Omnicity YN03 WRJ from the top deck of 37578 earlier. Can anyone tell me what the letters and numbers in black denote? Is it a legacy from a former operator as I've never noticed any other Anglian vehicle with such identifying marks. Answers to comments please!

The roof of Anglian 462 YN03 WRJ. Any ideas as to the meaning of the code?


  1. Could possibly be from London days while with metrobus. Or Menzies I'd numbers.

  2. I think it means that the operator is/was Metrobus and its fleet number is/was 538.