Monday 12 May 2014

Yarmouth Obs Today

Rain. Lots of rain. Oh I saw some buses as well!! Obviously after Roy's Olympian Orgy on Friday I was determined to catch up and not be left out. The first hour was not good, although a couple of interesting vehicles - Sanders Omnicity YN03 UYM with the all over wrap was on the 6, and a Streelite was on the 63 - the first time I have seen anything other than a Solo on that route.

Anglian Streetlite 353 MX60 GXA unusually on the 63's
Then a cloudburst. Rain so heavy it washed the buses and they were gleaming for the rest of the afternoon. During the cloudburst my wishes were granted when 34187 rolled in on the 1250 service 7 to Belton. A round trip was called for, and I realised I had never been to Belton! When we got there it was bone dry, but alas no time to stop for a photo opportunity so I'm afraid it's the usual Market Gates shot after I had got off. Good ride and it didn't leak!

34187 S687 AAE  at Market Gates on retiurn from Belton
 So I wandered down the coach station (only one there from Soames of Otley) to see what was on the BM contract this afternoon remembering that last week the bus on that same 7 had gone straight onto the contract. And so it was today, with 34187 leading 34109 - is this the first pic of 2 Ollies on this contract?

34189 leads 34109 before the next deluge on BM contract
 So back to Market Gates hoping to get a pic of 33423 which is back on loan at Kings Lynn covering for an increasing number of poorly extremely reliable E400's. But she wasn't on her advertised diagram so must have been taken off. Instead just before I embarked on the long journey back to Halesworth 34111 turned up going to Martham. I must have missed her going to Lowestoft while en route to Belton but there's always tomorrow. So a stormy day but not a waste,

A decapitated 34111 W431 CWX departs a rainy Market Gates for Martham


East Norfolk Bus Blog reports an Anglian bus caught fire in Filby this afternoon. It looks like a Solo but might be a Streetlite. You can see the report in the Great Yarmouth Mercury here.


Norwich Bus Page reports that the bus involved was Solo 958 AO57 EXA


East Norfolk Bus Blog was contacted by a passenger on 958 when it went up in flames. For some spectacular pics and full report click here.


  1. Full report and pics by Joe Leathers Watson on my blog of the Anglian bus fire. He was travelling on the bus at the time

  2. Oh nice one Roy - I'll update and post the link

  3. Glad you caught the Olympians too! It's my understanding S686 AAE will be broken apart soon.. To benefit it's sister S687 AAE which you caught...