Sunday 11 May 2014

Service 521 - A Plea

I received an email this morning from some real, genuine bus passengers! They have kindly given me permission to publish the email.

Thanks for highlighting the new 521 borderbus.  It is a great improvement over the old bus, comfortable, and we even have smiling drivers!

But the big snag to us is that the mid-afternoon one from Halesworth does not come through to Aldeburgh.  Indeed it also misses the Sax bus 64 by about five minutes.

We live in Aldeburgh and use the 521 for days out in Halesworth, Beccles, Southwold, Norwich, anywhere we can get to, from Halesworth.  The timetable change has made this impossible now.

It would be good if we could get it reinstated.  So far we have not found an email address for this company.  We are elderly and not good at dealing with them by phone.

Miles and Joy at Aldeburgh

I have done a quick search and I too cannot find an email address for Borderbus, so if anyone knows their email address please let me know and I'll pass it on. I have also looked at the timetables and they beggar belief. The 1645 journey from Halesworth arrives at Sax at 1712 - 5 mins after the 64A departs for Aldeburgh meaning a wait of 1hr 25m for the next one. I might add the same thing happens to me in the morning if I catch the 196 to Sax - it arrives at 1011 - just after the 64A leaves.

Now the obvious thing is to extend the 1545 to Aldeburgh as it used to do. that would also mean anyone wishing to go to Thorpeness for the "day" wouldn't have to leave at 3pm which is now the last bus. We have some regular passengers requiring the service, and Council sponsored services are run for the passengers aren't they? Failing that, and this is to Chris Speed, would it be possible for the 1707 64A from Sax to be delayed 5 mins to connect with the 521?  I mentioned Suffolk Links to Miles and Joy, but they replied saying that Suffolk Links are reluctant to take them between Sax and Aldeburgh as it is a bus route. I find that remarkable, especially considering the excellent service I get from Suffolk Links.

So my plea is really to whoever is responsible for timetables at Suffolk County Council (my dream job). Firstly sort out the 521 timetable to reinstate the later journey to Aldeburgh. Alternatively re-time the journey to leave Halesworth a few mins earlier - the connections from Norwich and Southwold would still be maintained - so the connection with the 64A at Sax could be made. While you are at it look at the 196 so it actually connects with something. If not liase with First to ensure connections.

It is good to receive requests for help from the travelling public - it was one of the reasons I started this blog, so many thanks, Miles and Joy, for getting in touch and I really hope something can be sorted out for you.

The 521 at Aldeburgh - can it go there on its last journey too please!


  1. I think you may have to talk to Border direct as I am not sure if this is SCC timetable or as near as the company can work to it. But you are correct in your obs not a lot of public transport unless in big cities is integrated. I would like to see more done too because it makes sense !

  2. :)

  3. Even better email address for you after a bit of digging :)

    Telephone: 01502 714565