Tuesday 13 May 2014

I Spy Something Beginning With O

Olympians to be precise. they really should have been called Lazurus not Olympian as they keep coming back to life!. Today there were no cloudbursts to dodge and it got off to a great start at Lowestoft when I saw 34114 still on the 101's. I took a pic from the top deck of Anglian Omnidekka 551, then later went for a ride to Gunton on her before catching the 7 to Yarmouth.

34114 in Lowestoft today taken from Anglian 551
34114 looking great opposite Lowestoft Bus Station on the 101 to Gunton
I got to Yarmouth just in time for the 1250 to Belton which now seems to be a likely bet for an Olympian. Yesterday it was 34187, today sure enough 34111 turned up so another trip to Belton. I sent Roy from East Norfolk Bus Blog a text to let him know and low and behold on the way back he magically boarded said bus to join me for the afternoon. As usual we wandered down the coach park to see what was on the BM contract, and, as seems to be the case now, the bus that operates the 7 goes on to be the leading bus on the BM contract. So finally a decent photo opportunity for 34111.

34111 W431 CWX on the BM contract this afternoon leading a President that I didn't note!
I had already seen 34109 on the 6's and 34187 on the 8's. This was later taken off the 8's and reappeared on the 1635 relief 1 to Martham. So spotted 4 and rode on 2. Not bad. Just as I was about to board my gas bus back to Halesworth which revealed the roadworks in Lowestoft have FINALLY finished I saw something that made me laugh out loud pretty grateful I was going in the opposite direction. Thanks to Roy for his excellent company as usual, the forcasters for getting it completely wrong again, and to the Olympians for still being the best deckers around.

32207 sits at Market Gates about to rattle its way to Norwich


  1. Just as an add to your Olympian watch I tweeted Roy a further pic of 34114 obviously way lost in the village(partners saying not mine lol ) that is Beccles omg is nowhere sacred they are taking over.....!! lol

  2. I do believe Roy has posted that tonight - well spotted and I'm jealous - a good run down the A146 is a lot better than a dawdle around Gunton!