Saturday 24 May 2014

X1 Changes

The X1 Blog has reported changes coming up for the X1, some necessitated by long term roadworks, and others yet to be announced,

Due to long term roadworks at Postwick which are scheduled to last an obscene 72 weeks (that's two Summers - great planning) the X1 will be split at Norwich, meaning holidaymakers will have to lug their cases off one bus and onto another in order to get to Yarmouth and Lowestoft. On the plus side it should help with punctuality IF there is enough make up time incorporated into the layovers at Norwich and Lowestoft. It will also mean some of the E400's based at Yarmouth or Lowestoft.

Gerard describes the other changes as "sensitive" but will improve the service for "the majority of customers". After hearing a consistent rumour this week from several sources I have no doubt what it is (please don't ask as I won't tell you) and I'm not in the least bit surprised. However the X1 is Gerard's territory and I will let him make announcements as and when he can.

For his full report today click here

Changed afoot for the X1


  1. Hi steve am I right in thinking along the lines of another certain company?

  2. Why does the song "Gone Fishing" spring to mind! Honestly mate I just cannot say at the moment as I know only too well that rumours normally turn out to be just that - rumours. However I can categorically say at no point have I heard Stagecoach's name mentioned!! However if you email me privately I'll be able to expand a little.

  3. Drop me a line buddy