Friday 16 May 2014

Galloway New Solo

Galloways have taken delivery of a brand new Optare Solo SR which has been given fleet number 330. I saw some great pics of her on David Warren's Flickr page, and he has kindly agreed to let me publish them for you all to see. Now I'm not tempting fate here but YJ14 BGE  is photograhped on the 119 to Framlingham and tomorrow I just happen to have to catch the 119 to Framlingham after attending a wedding in Ipswich. Surely it's too much to ask for isn't it? Anyway thanks go to David, whose excellent Flickr page you can see here

Galloway's new Optare Solo SR YJ14 BGE. Photo copyright David Warren
YJ14 BGE at Old Cattle Market. Photo copyright David Warren
Galloway 330 approaching Old Cattle Market. Photo copyright David Warren


  1. also, a 60 plated mcv evolution has appeared.fleet munber 332. normally on the debenham run but today was doin 118 +119.i was on the 11.15 118 to cretingham and that was what we had.

  2. The new Solo was on the 116's today which would explain that. I had the ex FET Solo back that didn't sound like a Solo! I didn't see the Evolution. Good tosee Galloway getting some new vehicles in though.

  3. There are 2 solos with PP plates. One was MX53 which I think was ex Anglian,the other was YJ55 which was ex far east as you said.

  4. i think 1482 PP is the ex anglian solo going by the faded optare lettering on front. she is f/n 279. it is also rather noisy and smells quite a bit. the ex far east solo i believe is turbo charged and goes likes a beast. still offers a good ride too.

  5. The driver of the new Solo told me it was the ex FET one but hope to clarify that soon. It wasn't by any stretch the nosiest Solo I have been on, and certainly didn't sound like any of the Anglian ones I have been on. Didn't smell either!

    1. now on laptop and did some double checking.i stand corrected. been delving online im sure you are right that it is ex far east. YJ55. the ex anglian solo is a horrible machine. both solos have had no end of problems in their time, would be interested in your bit on galloway if it comes off. the other ex far east solo (MX08) is a bit of an oddity too. never a good idea to try and view pics on a mobile as i have found out.dont know if the newer buses are because the contracts for 115/6 and 118/9 are up for re-tender now???????

  6. Might well be or they just think it's time to upgrade the fleet. I'd love it if the 118/119 were extended to Saxmundham via Dennington, Badingham, Peasenhall and Yoxford as part of the new contract but I suspect that is just a pipe dream

  7. if u remember few years ago, 119 ran to sax and 118 ran to stradbroke when far east had the contract. trouble was 119 went via great glemham and rendham and was a waste of time because it carried very few people between fram and sax. your alternative route is interesting but doubt the council will even consider it because of funding issues.hopefully the beavers have gone tho i expect they will be on standby, at last count they were down to 4 beavers.

  8. Even better it should extend to Halesworth via Walpole, which doesn't have a service. That would link Fram to the more Northern part of the East Suffolk Line, and give a link to the Anglian network to Norwich, Southwold and Lowestoft. It would ionly need a couple of journeys a day but would provide a much needed link if timed right - give people a chance to go out,spend time out and come back! It would also link Ipswich and Halesworth finally.