Sunday 18 May 2014

Barbequed Solo Anyone?

The walking camera that is Sam Larke from Norwich Buses blog went to Beccles today on a mission to spot the ex Konect Loyne bodied Tridents. He managed two out of three which as the song goes ain't bad but also got an excellent picture of fire damaged Optare Solo 953 AO57  EXA, which he has kindly invited me to use and publish on here. The damage as you can see is extensive and it's no surprise that it is a write off. It is lucky no one was hurt in the incident, which could have been a lot worse. Many thanks to Sam, and you can read his full post on the link above.

The charred remains of Anglian Solo 958 AO57 EXA. Copyright (C) Sam Larke - NorwichBuses Blog"

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