Monday 19 May 2014

Mondays? Love Them!!

What a glorious day. Today's mission was to go to Dereham to photograph the poorly Greater Anglian Class 90 loco awaiting road transport to Crewe for bogie replacement. 90010 suffered catastrophic failure at Shenfield a couple of weeks ago, and as it is impossible to get a low loader into Crown Point it was gently pulled by a 47841 Friday night to Wymondham and then up the Mid Norfolk Railway to Dereham, where it will be transported to Crewe on Thursday. Obviously to find an electric loco on a non electrified heritage line is unusual so it demanded my attention.

Stricken 90010 peeks round the front of preserved 47596 at Dereham
90010 awaits road transport to Crewe in a siding at Dereham
Before that I had paid a visit to Konect's depot at Tofton, which was rather empty, but I can't fault the welcome I got. What as friendly bunch of guys they are. Thanks, Mickey, for making me feel so welcome despite me saying who I was!!! It was not a wasted journey, however, as I have the first pics of freshly painted and converted ex London Central VDL Gemini 510 LB02 YWX. I also got a distant shot of 514 in the workshops.

Konect 510 LB02 YWX minus front sits awaiting fleet numbers at Toftwood
I was undecided which way to go home but afetr hearing from Roy Northcott that 34108 was on the 101's at Lowestoft I decided to see if I could see it and get a ride. So I caught the X2 from Norwich and promptly passed 34108 at Hales.So I went to Beccles, doubled back to Loddon and got a cracking ride back to Lowestoft on a bus that really should have years left in her, The ride was so comfortable, quiet and smooth. If none of that batch gets preserved it will be criminal. Looks damned good passing through Loddon too. If only the first pic had the destination screen showing!

34108 at Lodden while on loan to Lowestoft

Finally got the destination! Really like this pic.
So all in all not a bad day. Tomorrow hopefully up to Cromer for a ride on the open topper with no overcoat required!


  1. You got a photo then mate! Well done, some great photos as always :-)

  2. Cheers mate, really enjoyed today. great weather and some good subjects to photo.