Thursday 22 May 2014

Today's Ramblings

A varied day today with a couple of unexpected journeys. Started off as usual with the Scania Omnidekka from Halesworth to Yarmouth getting there just in time to catch Olympian 34109 to Bradwell and back - so that's the complete set of Olympians ridden on in the last two weeks. So good to see so many of them still out and about with 34186 to come back in a few weeks. Shame that means 34187 going though.

34109 W436 CWX at Bradwell
I was hoping for a double Olympian journey but sadly the 1250 to Belton wasn't Olympian operated today. However, after a spot of shopping I got back to Market Gates to find soon to be departed to Lowestoft 37562 sitting on the X1 stand about to leave for Norwich. So after a quick pic I boarded her and she really is a nice bus. I'm looking forward to riding her on the X2 next week. If she goes that is. The Dart that was reported to be going to Lowestoft yesterday - 42358 - has been sailing around merrily on the 2's all day.

Volvo B9 Gemini 37562 sits at Market Gates
At Norwich I took the chance to ride another of  Konect's newly arrived Ex London Geminis. This time was 511 LB02 YWY which was on the X6 to Attleborough, and like 512 I was inpressed by the ride and the comfort. in fact I like them more than Konect's E400's, which are the best around. I have been really pleasantly surprised at the quality of the conversion of those Geminis. Well done to all concerned.

I'm not out again till tuesday, when of course all eyes will be on Kessingland. between now and then there maybe a couple of special posts whcih I haven't decided on yet so keep checking!


Roy from East Norfolk Bus Blog has just informed me that First Leicester ALX400 32058 has just arrived at Yarmouth. Expect to see it out sometime next week. Cheers for the heads up, Roy

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