Tuesday 27 May 2014

99 Starts Again

Yes I know it officially started on Sunday but in my world public transport doesn't exist Sundays or Bank Holidays so as far as I am concerned it started properly today! I had hoped to spend most of the day up in Pakefield monitoring things but was thwarted by firstly the weather which has caused no end of problems today and certainly wasn't suitable for hanging around watching buses. Secondly that same weather will have affected the numbers of people travelling so an accurate assessment of the impact of the 99 would have been equally as impossible, and of course Numpty here left his wallet at home so couldn't do shopping or bus hopping as planned. So I managed to re-arrange minibus home and have been sulking in front of the tennis!

But for the hour I was there two things were obvious. Firstly the timetable went up the wall due to the weather and Lowestoft bridge going up. Secondly it seems First aren't going to bother challenging the gas bus's level of ride and comfort as they had 3 E200's on the route. 45112/3 DK57 SXF/G and 45116 VT09 JPT were on the route today. I will be back out tomorrow, memory and weather permitting for a more accurate assessment.

First Lowestoft 45113 DK57 SXG on the 99 at Pakefield
45112 DK57 SXF at Pakefield
45116 VT09 JPT at Pakefield. Destination screen was working but camera didn't catch it
Anglian 455 Scania Omnilink AN61 LAN at Pakefield


  1. The tennis!?? Heck thats a real downer been looking at the rain all day out if the shop windows and only seeing X2's am hoping for better day tomorrow both of us

  2. At least Andy Murray won! Seems we have been lucky here in the central belt as both Ipswich and Norwich have copped it bad today. better luck tomorrow I hope!

  3. Thats me with my buddy driver in the pic with no destination showing, sorry didn't wave, you looked a little damp. Traffic and weather did not make for very good timekeeping.

  4. Nice to have someone from First Lowestoft on board - next time you see me make yourself known buddy. Thanks for the contribution.