Sunday 18 May 2014

Exhibits From The Past 2

The deity that is Syd Eade has been in touch with some pics of various rare diesels working in the Norwich and Lowestoft areas. One of them I find extraordinary as I would personally give anything to see an HST at Lowestoft! Oh to go back to those times again. Thanks, Syd, you are a star and all the pics remain copyright to him.

An Intercity 125 sits at Lowestoft. Sadly I have no date for this pic but wish I'd been there. Copyright Syd Eade
Taken in Jan 1983 this Lincoln allocated DMU sits at Lowestoft
Taken in June 1993 this class 117 DMU in Regional Railways livery sits at Norwich despite being allocated to Edinburgh at the time
Taken in November 1983 this early version of the Short Set sees 47188 pulling a DMU at Norwich. 31 years on 47's are still active in Norwich.

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  1. Woah, doesn't seem that Norwich station has changed alot? Lol