Wednesday 7 May 2014

Coach Comedy

It is a fact of life that there is little humour in the transport industry. Jokes don't come pouring out of bus depots or station tannoys. So when today I saw something on the back of a coach that made me wonder if I'd read it correctly it was like a breath of fresh air. I was standing with Roy from East Norfolk Bus Blog at Market Gates when this coach passed us and I thought I saw something written on the back of the coach. As fortune would have it we wandered down to the Coach park and there she was. So thank you Pikes Coaches of Andover in Hampshire for providing some humour in a very serious (grumpy) industry. All other news tonight can wait till tomorrow as I want to highlight this, Except Olympian 34114 is STILL at Lowestoft and was on the 101's earlier.

Just love this sign on the back of Pike's Coaches from Andover Jonckherre SR11 KRK
Pikes Coaches of Andover Jonckheere SR11 KRK at Beach Coach park


  1. Nice one ranks alongside the one written in a police van saying no prisoners left in this van overnight ! Yes we need the humour and am looking forward to a ride to the museum on Saturday!

  2. Not sure if I'm going to make that which is a shame. Other commitments and no minibus booked yet are getting in the way at the moment.