Saturday 17 May 2014

Saturday's Report

I had to attend a wedding in Ipswich today and it started well with Ex P&R Volvo B7rle 69428 taking me from Sax to Ipswich. After the wedding I got to Old Cattle Market hoping for a ride on Galloway's new Solo SR. It was not to be but I got second prize - a good look round it and a chat with the driver.  The first thing I noticed was the rather thin padding on the seats. It's a shame in the days of leather seating that Optare think passenger's bottoms still deserve hard seating.

Galloway's new Optare Solo SR 330 YJ14 at OCM today
Now I think she looks pretty good, and the driver told me there isn't a rattle on her which is always a positive. but as you will see from the pics there is a bit of a flaw in the design. The light reflects so badly off the curved surface of the destination screen it is difficult to see. I asked the driver to put up 115 Wetheringsett mainly as it was different and you can barely make it out from this angle, so I took another pic from the front head on............

............oh dear it isn't any better and it wasn't even particularly sunny at that point. That is a shame as I really like the styling. so maybe a different type of destination screen is needed - like the X1's perhaps that are not affected by direct light.

So I was returned to Framilingham on ex Far East Travel Solo 1482 PP which didn't sound like a Solo at all! Now the driver of the new one told me about a couple of engine related quirks in the Galloway fleet that I think are deserving of more research and a special feature if I can arrange it. Watch this space. I can also confirm that the Ipswich Buses Solo that was acquired by Galloways has already been repainted and is undergoing safety checks prior to entering service next week.

Ex FarEast TRavel Optare Solo 1482 PP at Framlingham in strong sunlight!
In other news First Ipswich B7tl 32491 AU53 HKJ has had the Wilco read wrap put on it similar to 30261 at Yarmouth. That means 32486 is still running around with the very faded wrap for UEA in Norwich at least 3 years after it left Norwich for Ipswich!

First Ipswich B7tl 32491 showing it's Wilco wrap sandwiched between Clacton bound Volvo B7rle 69532 and all over Co-op wrapped Volvo B7rle 69009
Finally tonight if anyone was at the AGM of East Suffolk Travellers Association at Halesworth today where Philip Eden was speaking, then drop me a line and I'll be happy to publicise what was said.

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