Sunday 24 August 2014

Weekly News Round Up 24/8/14

Another week has flown by so once again it's time for a round up of the week's news. To those of you returning from the Norwich Bus Rally I hope it went well for all of you.


Starting with Ipswich and this week saw the return of Volvo B7rle's 69007 and 69011 from Rotherham in the new livery with the what is apparently called "RAF Blue" front. I was lucky enough to travel on 69007 on what I think was its first trip out.

Newly painted and refurbished 69007 at Wickham Market
Tuesday saw excitement in Yarmouth with the arrival of First Yorkshire Volvo B10 Wright Renown 60622 which has be loaned by Ipswich. For pictures and report of that click here.

Lowestoft SLF Dart 43489 has finally left to go to First Essex in a chain of transfers which will see the final Clacton E200,.44516 go to Ipswich to join its three sisters. If my information is correct 43489 will end up at Braintree and not Clacton as reported elsewhere. If that proves to be incorrect I will, of course report it.

My apologies - there was a very interesting section here reporting something on another blog, with full credits and links, but after complaints from one of the blog administrators I have felt compelled to remove it. I won't give free publicity by naming the blog but it isn't one I thought I would have these kind of issues with. Very sad. One day everyone will realise we all have the same hobby and will stop being so possessive.


It would appear that reports of the demise of Optare Excel 229 have been rather premature. I was informed last night that it has been MOT'd and will be back in service this week, presumably on the 80/81 because of vehicle shortage. There are also reports that more ex London Geminis will be heading to Norfolk, this time to Anglian to replace the older deckers - I presume Tridents. These are due in Janurary. As yet I don't know how many and what age, but passing through Bexleyheath on Wednesday I did notice there were still some 02 reg Geminis in service there. If they are refurbished to the same standard Konect's ones have been I won't have any complaints.

Anglian Optare Excel 229 which has been given a life extension seen here in Norwich on a rare excursion on the 83's
Blog News

It's going to be a busy week on here. There will be specials on my London trip, when my pass came into its own. On Wednesday after my visit to Victoria Coach Station I travelled from Victoria to Rochester solely by bus, and on Thursday from Rochester back home again solely by local bus. Many pics and reviews, including First's Volvo 7900 Hybrids on the 100 between Lakeside and Chelmsford. Positive or negative? Keep checking in to find out. There will also be the regular Greater Anglia report tomorrow and I will be out and about a couple of days this week, though don't know where or when yet. Here is a taster of what is to come.

Stagecoach London 13024 Volvo B5L BG14 ONV on the 53 in Whitehall

If anyone missed my three part Victoria Coach Station report for convenience you can read them in order by clicking on part one, part two, and part three.

And Finally

My apologies to Jamie Skinner, who kindly sent me this splendid pic of 34114 on the 8's in Gorleston. I promised him I would include it in last week's round up, however publicity for today's Norwich Bus Rally meant there wasn't room for it. So here it is in its magnificence! Thanks, Jamie, and keep them coming as I really appreciate them.

First Yarmouth 34114 Volvo Olympian W434 CWX on the 8 to JPH. Pic by Jamie Skinner

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