Saturday 31 January 2015

65588 Wows Norwich

Twitter was buzzing this morning with rave reviews from Norwich concerning former Ipswich Scania 65588 which moved up the A140 yesterday and was pressed straight into service today. It is a really negative reflection on the current Norwich B7l's that an aging Scania, albeit an extremely well maintained Scania comes across as so much better. Maybe Norwich will want to keep it for longer than intended! No reason why not really (yes I know it will be the only Scania there), and with cover for repaints needed 65588 with its long MOT might just fit the bill and preservation will have to wait a bit.

Anyway I am grateful to Sam Larke for promising me some pics of her today, saving me the ordeal of hanging around Norwich in the freezing cold on Monday! All the pics in this post are copyright to him and you can view his Flickr page here.

65588 on the 29B to Taverham at its new home in Norwich    pic (c) Sam Larke
The Yellow Line being the strip on the step I presume!    pic (c) Sam Larke
A Scania Floline back in Norwich City Centre     pic (c) Sam Larke

Picking up a member of Sma's fan club!       pic (c) Sam Larke
A view from the rear.          pic (c) SamLarke

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