Tuesday 20 January 2015

New Decker Livery Extra

An extra post today featuring the raw talent that is David Warren. As usual he has been generous with his sharing of the pics he has taken and I am delighted to be the first to bring you pics of the last Ipswich decker to be repainted out in service, 32494 which returned last week.

32494 psses Tower Ramparts.
32494 will be one of the 5 B7tl's to be fully vinyled up for Superoute 66 along with 32493 (already done, and the three 05 reg B7tl's, 32653/5/6. I understand 32488 will have her partial branding removed. Yet again it is noticeable just how clean she is compared to others this week.

And the offside as she enters Old Cattle Market

David also sent me yesterday pictures of Beeston's new livery, as modelled by Scania Omnicity YN54OCJ. There have been pics on other blogs in the last 24 hours but I'd like to correct one inaccuracy published. The blue is a darker, greener blue than the previous livery, quite noticeably if you see them side by side. The silver panel is obvioously inspired by the Scania demonstrator livery, but I like the new look, especially the understated company name on the sides! At least no ads are guaranteed!

YN54OCJ showing off the new livery opposite Old Catlle Market
And the nearside turning in OCM
Here you can clearly see the deifference between the blues as shown on MX04 MXY
My thanks again to David for sending me the pics, and hope there are many more to come from him in the future - I might give him a wish list.........


  1. Have you noticed that First Ipswich have converted some of the ex P&R Volvos to DP spec?

    1. You will find many pics and references to 69426/8 buddy!