Friday 16 January 2015

A Few Obs

The first observation is how desperately I need a decent camera that works! However having just replaced my laptop that will have to wait a few weeks, which is a shame as yesterday I took just about the worst pics possible. It's bad enough fighting lousy lighting this time of year but when the camera plays up too it is a recipe for disaster. However I'll make the best of a bad job.

Going back to Wednesday in Ipswich and before the cleaning demonstration I spent a rather cold afternoon seeing what was going on. First up is the vehicle that caused all the commotion back in 2014 when it became the first Ipswich vehicle to get the leather treatment and was the source of much clamour to get pics. Now 69005 has been given its paint job too, and rather conveniently was parked up when I arrived at Old Cattle Market.

69005 at OCM on Tuesday
With the last B7tl to be refurbished, 32494, returned last last night that just leaves 69006 to return and the Ipswich programme will be complete. It must be said that First should be commended for making a fleet of what can only be described as mid life vehicles look like a much newer fleet.

Also present was Ipswich Buses' E300 83 which was on the 98 to Shotley. I still haven't been on this bus and really should as I'm told it's not bad at all.

Ipswich Buses 83 at OCM
I guess if there was a competition for best looking single deckers right now then the two First Ipswich B7rle's with the Excel fronts would be serious contenders. Nicknamed the Cadbury Buses by the Ipswich drivers they are real head turners, and I still believe that livery would suit 33423 immensely!

69428 at OCM
And so to Norwich yesterday which I reached on BorderBus's BB59 BUS. Now I have a problem. I am meant to dislike E200's, and I do. However there is an exception to every rule and BorderBus are proving rather tiresome in providing E200's I actually like and feel almost guilty for liking. BB59 (this is how BorderBus staff refer to the vehicles as opposed to fleet numbers so if it's good enough for them...) has extremely comfortable seats, very little rattling, and doesn't even whine like most of them. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and would happily ride that bus anywhere. Just realised I don't have a pic of her so will put that right asap.

It was noticeable in Norwich just how more dirty the buses were than the spotless ones I had seen in Ipswich the previous day, and I took a couple of pics to illustrate that point. However, as it seems that telling the truth is a risky business around here I have decided not to publish them, so I caught Gemini 37574 over to Yarmouth hoping to spot the 3 ex Norwich B7's recently transferred there.

And I did - all 3 of them - but the pics are so attrocious I won't insult your eyes by putting them up, so instead as reported elsewhere ex Leicester Gemini 32629 was on the X1 yesterday, and here it is leading an unusual line up with on loan B10BLE 60618 behind, and unusually for the 61 Anglian Scania Omnicity 458

32629, 60618 and Anglian 458
Finally a pic that no matter what the quality just has to be posted. When two iconic vehicles come together without any planning it suddenly feels a bit warmer. As I understand the situation 33423 may not be heading to the paintshop until April now so we have a few more weeks to enjoy her as she is. As for the Ollies every day they are out is a bonus. Hopefully next time I'm out the quality of pics will improve a bit.

34109 passes 33423


  1. I like it, it's just apologising for being a superior bus, passing an inferior one! I don't get what all the fuss is about the E400's, they do nothing for me, the best looking bus in Yarmouth is the X1 liveried Gemini.

    1. The Excel livery certainly looks better on the Gemini than the E400's. However much as I like 37578 it doesn't have me reaching for my camera (when it's working) quite as quick as 33423. I'm still hoping the extra time will give the chance to persuade them to repaint 423 into the hybrid livery like the Ipswich B7rle's. I think that would look amazing.

      I like the E400's aesthetically, just not the ride they give as a whole.