Thursday 1 January 2015

Quick Ipswich Update and More

A Happy New Year to you all, and my apologies for the long gap in posts. I have been suffering technical problems with my laptop (no backspace or apostrophe key) which has made typing virtually impossible. The second part of my round up of the year will be up in due course but for tonight just a quick round up of what's been happening this week.

First of all there are two coaches going to Ipswich to cover Rail Replacement Work. As yet no one knows what they are going to be or where from, but when I suggested 20514/5 from Norwich the idea wasnt exactly greeted with the utmost enthusiasm! It would appear they are fairly high maintainance now.

The remaining Scanias are due to be withdrawn from service in the second week of January, but some of you may be pleased to know they are not going to be scrapped. I am awaiting confirmation as to how many vehicles are involved but they are destined to go down to the West Country to continue in service down there. Confirmed are 65579/88 but it was suggested, though I must emphasise NOT confirmed that 65589/90 might also be involved.  As and when I get confirmation I'll let you know, especially as there is someone I know who would crawl on his hands and knees to see 65590 back on the road! UPDATE. Apparently this paragraph is complete twaddle and none of the above is happening. New Year resolution number one: Don't publish anything until it happens.

A trio of grubby ALX400's from left to right 32653, 32656 and 32488. I'm sure the 68 shouldnt leave from that stand!
My last journey of 2014 was from Ipswich to Framlingham on Galloways operated 118. Expecting a Solo, it being school holidays I was pretty happy to get my first ride on one of Galloways MCV Evolutions in daylight and not packed with students. I confess I like them better than any other mid size single decker I can think of, certainly Streelites or E200's.

Galloways MCV Evolution YJ60 GGY at Old Cattle Market
 Speaking of Mid length single deckers and I made a flying visit to Norwich on Tuesday and managed to get a pic of the Optare Metrocity demonstrator BorderBus have got on loan. It is unlikely I'll get a ride on it now due to having guests down next week, but reports from those who have are not favourable.

Optare Metrocity demonstrator YK64 DWK in St Stephen's St
As many are finding at the moment the light is making photography rather difficult at the moment, but I did manage to get my first pic of recently repainted Trident 33237 although it must be said even after editing its not brilliant!

33237 in challenging light on 30th Dec

Finally today I am going to break one of my New Year's resolutions already by posting a pic of THAT bus! Cameron posted a really good pic on Yarmouth Bus Page (see link opposite) of it operating on the 7 to Belton, which is just about as rare as it gets. Not only that but he got the pic in the darkness of Market Gates which shows that she looks just as good after dark when the tints can't really be seen. Great pic, Cameron. We have an arrangement where no permission is needed to use each other's pics but I must insist that copyright remains with Cameron for this pic.

33423 on the 7 to Belton 31st December.    pic (c) Cameron Robinson


  1. Not surprised the paragons are high maintenance given how many miles they've done. I'd be happy if they were back on X1s :)

  2. I thought 65590 had been dispatched for scrap several months ago? I seem to remember one of the local blogs reporting that it had been collected and taken away,

  3. Hi mate, Believe the coaches are on standby for when the Engineering Work commences later this month. See my post regarding this -

  4. Continued...
    - 'Saturday 3 January, the last 2 Norwich bound train services (22.30 & 23.30) will terminate Diss and Ipswich respectively. Passengers forward should change onto the rail replacement bus service provided'
    - Today, Intercity services will be replaced by buses between Norwich and Stowmarket until midday, and will only operate between Norwich and Ipswich thereafter, connecting into train services
    - Same case most of this month, and following into the rest of the year
    Possibly was/will be them?