Tuesday 7 April 2015

Post Revisited - Ipswich 31/10/13

I thought it might be good to revisit some of the earliest posts from the blog, that quite frankly very few people have seen - this one has only had 34 views - most of them probably mine - and is from Ipswich in October 2013 and it is amazing just how many of the buses in this post have either moved on/changed or been scrapped, and how wrong some of the imformation was!! Enjoy.

Due to having to go to friend's in Wickham Market to charge my phone and laptop up due to still no power after the outages following the storms I decided to go into Ipswich. Mistake. Traffic was abysmal but still got a few interesting shots. I had a decent journey in on 69005, but not so impressed with 65532 back!

69005 at Wickham Market

Don't know why Carters 403 is facing the wrong way but it is!
Nice to see Super Route Scania 65550 still on the road. Destination a bit optimistic though
A decent selection - Carters 456, First 69533, 61526 and Galloways Volvo Saloon
65542 the only other Scania with decent seats!

Another destination that hasn't seen the light of day for many years.
65532 with disgruntled driver!
The driver couldn't confirm which vehicles are being replaced next week by the P&R Volvos, but said he hoped it would be the 6567* series. He seemed disappointed when I told him it would be the Scania saloons like the one he was driving. What he did tell me though is that the withdrawn vehicles would be going to Clacton. As soon as I hear anything as to the identity of the vehicles I'll let you know.

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