Thursday 16 April 2015

Luxembourg Special Part Two

Welcome to the second part of my special feature on the weird and wonderful buses of Luxembourg. Many thanks to all those who identified some of the buses in part one, and I would urge you all just to pop back to that post for an update on the Luxembourg Borismaster - fact or fiction! Part One can be found here.

So here we go again, and I promised you the dinkiest bus on the planet, and naturally I'll save that till the end! We'll start as I did Part One with a Volvo 7900 Hybrid - or two to be precise.

Muliplicity liveried Volvo 7900 Hybrid, with Scania Omnicity behind
Now seriously isn't that better than grey, sorry RAF Blue, and wouldn't the generic liveried buses in Norwich look good in this - every route is on there! Chris Speed please take note as we want this livery in Norwich asap. Can't polish a turd better than that!

Here is another one, and I quite like this livery too, although just how long those wheels would stay white in East Anglia is open to debate. Obviously if Paulo had anything to do with it they'd stay white!

Just wonder how long those wheels would stay white in Norfolk
In Luxembourg community buses are also run by the main operators, as this Mercedes Sprinter demonstrates. I think I'd quite like a depot tour there!

A baby bus copying the big boys!
Of course it's not just buses in Luxembourg but coaches too. Here is a beast belonging to Voyages Vandivinit which judging by the double doors is dual purpose in some respects. I'm open to offers for the make and model.

Make and model please?
And so to what I've been waiting to show you - Luxembourg City's City Shopping Bus, which is basically a Park and Ride service from the Glacis car park to the City Centre. It's free, although parking costs 0.8 Euros an hour Mon - Fri, operating every 10 mins at differing hours depending on the day of the week, starting at 1330 Mondays, 1030 Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and 0830 Wednesdays and Saturdays always finishing at 1830. These funny looking buses are fully electric and can carry 13 passengers + 1 wheelchair (if I have translated properly from the VDL website. As yet I haven't managed to find out what make these buses are so again any help wil be appreciated. What I have found out is that they have a range of 120km and a top speed of 50kmh, which is around 33mph.

I said they were dinky
Really dinky
And yes, they have had the Multiplicity treatment too! i hope you've enjoyed this look at the werd and wonderful not to mentin the invented of Luxembourg. Plenty more to come from other countries in the future and once again many thanks to Paulo for supplying the pics. I took this pic from the VDL website, which you can see for yourself here.

So cute!


  1. The rather excellent electric bus seems to be a Bolloré Bluebus. Apparently Bolloré are more of a battery and general electricity-related things company than a bus manufacturer, dipping their toes into all manner of things like cars and boats and houses, but are also working on a full-sized bus.

  2. That parking is cheap!!!! And a good service too

  3. viewfromthesouth16 April 2015 at 16:50

    The double deck is a Viseon of some description. Viseon ceased trading, last year I think. They operated out of the former Neoplan plant.