Friday 17 April 2015

Mozambique Special Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of the special feature looking at the utter chaos and unpredictability that is bus travel in Mozambique. If you missed part oone you can see it here. Thanks go once agan to Paulo for supplying the pictures, and I will have an identity challenge for you. So let's return to the crush of Maputo, the capital of Mozembique.

The early morning X1 on the Acle Straight
Followed by the relief bus...

Move right up the bus please
Lugguage racks are provided for a small fee.

I still see no buggies!
Now the challenge. I have my own ideas as to what this bus is, but in order to avoid ridicule I'll pass it over to you knowledgable people to identify - good luck!

Name that bus!! Let your fingers do the talking!
And finally if you wondered where the boys at Lynx got their livery from let me enlighten you. Unfortunately the resolution isn't high enough to identify the vehicles involved, but it does prove there are some proper buses in Mozambique too. Hope you enjoyed this look at a very different coutry and there will be plenty more to come.

The proper buses in Mozambique.


  1. viewfromthesouth17 April 2015 at 13:15

    Hmm, that double deck's got me baffled. It's definitely an Atlantean, think it's a Willowbrook body (amazed, therefore, that it's survived this long......). Possibly ex-Baghdad? Didn't Tehran have some too?

    1. Yes my guess was Atlantean, but it's almost a Dominator front on it. Not sure how big the blog is in Iran - I've had pageviews from some bizarre countries but not there yet. Don't even think Paulo has relations there.......

    2. Andrew Kleissner17 April 2015 at 17:47

      The red buses may possibly be Volkswagen Mod 17.210 chassis with Marco Polo bodies. The company certainly has some but mixed in with man others. according to a newspaper report, at the end of 2013 65% of the fleet (of about 200 buses) were off the road!