Monday 20 April 2015

By 'Eck It's The Krakow Bustaurant

It is quite amazing where some buses end up. It's even more amazing where some preserved buses end up. When Andrew Pursey sent me pictures of an old bus that has been converted into a restaurant called the "Bustaurant" in Krakow, Poland. I was able to do a little research on it, and discovered it was a Leyland Titan PD3 that started life with Yorkshire Woolen in 1962 as fleet number 893. After an active life in service this lovely old girl was lovingly preserved, and indeed this picture was taken at the Dewsbury Transport Museum Open Day in March 2013. The pic is by Scott Poole, who has kindly given me permission to use his photo. Scott's Flickr page can be accessed here. I'm also going to use Scott's narrative that goes with the picture.

pic by Scott Poole

Yorkshire Woollen 893 GHD765 Leyland Titan PD3
New to Yorkshire Woollen in 1962 is this Metro-Cammell bodied Leyand Titan PD3 with St. Helen style front end bonnet. Yorkshire Woollen was part of the British Electric Traction (B.E.T) group, whose purchases were mainly Leyland vehicles. Like neighbour West Riding, Woollen passed to the NBC in 1969.
This Leyland Titan was a delight to see at Dewsbury, a reminder of the proper bus operators vehicle.

So I would just love to know how this well looked after bus went from what you can see above to this........

Now serving food in \Krakow
 It's certainly different. Now I don't know if she is static there of if she drives to and from her pitch everyday. Obviously a formal identification is impossible from this pic, but Andrew remembers the important things, and this pic leaves little in doubt.

No doubt it's 893 ok!
All the sheen and life has gone from the paintwork and she almost looks mournful there. I'd love to know who previously owned her 2 years ago and let her go to Poland. At least she is still in one piece I guess. Many thanks to Andrew for sending the pics - she'd look quite good on the 146 now I come to think about it - Nicky can be your clippie!

Now with a Polish regiistration


  1. Eee bai gum does tha know if they do Yorkshire tea or is that foreign stoof lol eee they can't do tea proper like what we do lad!
    Nice post with content from your European correspondents

  2. Still in Krakow in December 2016

  3. Moved to Marshall, VA, USA in 2017 - still a Bus-teraunt now under the name Johnny Monarchs -