Friday 24 April 2015

Teatime titbit - Suffolk Norse in Wickham Market

Yesterday I had to get to Wickham Market early for a funeral, and I ended up getting there early enough to see the school contract buses for the firat time in a long time. Parked in Wickham Market Square was this Norse E300. While checking with the driver that it was ok to take a pic, I had a quick glance inside and they really are sardine cans, with leg room that is pathetically restrictive. OK for Primary school age kids going to swimming lessons but older Secondary school students are adult size and there's no way I could have sat in one of those seats AND worn a seatbelt when I was 12 let alone now. Not impressed. Anyway thanks to the driver for letting take this pic.

Norse AD E300 SN56 AYK on the 912 Farlingaye High School (Wooodbridge) Contract

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