Thursday 30 April 2015

Anglian Omnidekka Trio Complete

For the first time today all three Anglian ex Metrobus Scanias were on the road. This might not happen very often as it seems they may have more teething troubles than a buck toothed shark, so as I have been first in bringing you pics of all three I thought I'd bring all three together in one post.

The first arrival was 556, YN55 PZF, which only lasted a couple of days before having to go back down to Hampshire to have things sorted out. She is now back and earning a living again.

556 on first day in service at Halesworth 25th March 2015
View from rear taken at Southwold
Friday last week saw the arrival of 554 YN55 PZC. After spending the weekend being prepped, on Monday she was found on the 7/61's.

554 at Castle Meadow, Norwich on first day in service 26th April 2015
The nearside view at Yarmouth
And so today saw the final Omnidekka, 555, YN55 PZR make its Anglian debut on the 88's. I didn't even know she was out in service yet, I was just waiting in Halesworth for the 62 for the final time and she turned up. Nice one, so bagged a pic, worked out her diagram, and caught her back from Norwich later on. They are all comfortable, with better seats than any of the other Scanias, rattles that are no more than you'd expect from a 10yo bus, and look great. I just have this uneasy feeling that they might be plagued by the sort of niggly problems that you always take a gamble with when buying second hand. Time will tell and I hope I'm wrong.

555 at Halesworth on first day in service 30th April 2015
And the rear view
 Anglian are dominating the blog at the moment, and that will continue with the last days of several routes this week. There will be a couple of special posts over the weekend and I'll try and get a couple of foreign posts up with contributor's pics too.


  1. I dont' understand why the blue on the back of the bus seems to be on the top deck instead of continuing onto the bottom rear panel. It looks like they've swapped them over!

  2. It's a new initiative..."confus-a-blogger" probably someone mocked it up and thought it looked good but usually its an evolvement in line with corporate livery....maybe lol

  3. Livery is a mess on this, particularly the rear!