Monday 4 May 2015

End of the 62's

On Saturday the last journeys were operated on some of Anglian's services before the changes that came into operation yesterday, and most of all tomorrow. on friday the last 63's operated between Hemsby and JPH, beng replaced in part by Konect 71 and a Swift hail and ride service. Saturday the last 86 to operate through to Beccles ran, and it was also the last time you'll see an 89 between Beccles and Southwold, which is becoming an extension of the 60, being now numbered 60S. However the biggest absentee will be the 62. Although replaced by the 60H between Beccles and Halesworth there will still be a lot of people affected, including myself. I'm going to miss the 62 - my two favourite services were both 62's, and my routine is being severely thrown off course.

So last week I was out getting a lot of pics on the 62, as well as last pics of the 86 and 89 in Beccles. I was on the very last 62 to operate Saturday evening, and thanks to Robin, driver extraordinaire, we stopped for many pics along the route, and all pics with gas bus 100 WX62 HHP are from that last journey.

I have been tryng for two days now to find a decent slideshow programme that was actually free. I finally found one but it has published the pics in quite a low resolution, which is disappointing but there you go. The music is by Brian May feat Kerry Ellis. My thanks to Zak for use of the Versa pic.

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