Monday 11 May 2015

A Bit Of Everything

Since the lovely people giving the weather forecast for the week said today would be the best day I thought I'd better get as many of my photographic targets as possible. I had already made arrangesments to meet Roy "The Guvnor" Northcott in Yarnouth and so planned the rest of the day around that. Having been dropped off at Wangford I caught Anglian gas bus 108 to Pakefield, where i changed to go to Kessingland Beach with Robin. This was deliberate so I could get a couple of snaps of the 61A, the new off peak Anglian service between Kessingand and Norwich. This was achieved with two Scania Omnicity's on the route.

 First up heading towards Kessingland was 458, YN05 HFH, followed shortly by 462, YN03 WRJ heading the other way to Lowestoft.

Anglian 458 at Pakefield
462 heads for Lowestoft
So down to Kessingland Beach, and I had no intention of taking a pic down there but since we had gas bus 100 AGAIN I thought I may as well get a pic of it there to add to my growing collection of dfferent locations!

Anglian 100 at Kessingland Beach
And so onto Yarmouth, where the first thing I did was have a chinwag with Syd Eade. He was there to sample Konect's new 71 to Wroxham, whereas I wanted pics of both the 71 and the new 72. First up was the 72, which was operated by Konect 302, Optare Versa AU08 DKL

Konect 302 on the 72 to Norwich in Yarmouth
And so an hour later myself and Roy were in situ when Versa 303 came round the corner on the 71 to Wroxham. I trusted my camera to take a close up shot, which failed miserably, so Roy kindly said I could use his pic. Many thanks. Roy!

Konect 303 AU08 DKN on the 71 to Wroxham      pic (c) East Norfok Bus
Also on view today were the two repainted ALX400's at Yarmouth, 32058 and 32063. Both were on the 1/1A and were consecutive buses to Martham.

32063 freshly painted heads for Martham
Then 32058 heads the same way half hour later.
Also making a rare appearance was Angian Optare Excel 229. This was last seen on loan to Konect so good to see it back at Beccles.

Anglian 229 heads for Beccles on the 81
Finally it was home via Southwold, and sitting at Southwold pier was BorderBus 105, BB07 BUS. It made for a good picture with Anglian 101 next to it.

Anglian 101 and Borderbus 105 together at the seaside.
And that was it, a good day and many friends seen. Unfortunately my meeting with Jeremy Cooper on Friday has had to be postponed, and will now take place the week after I get back from Scotland.

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